Residential Management

Management Services Include:

Screening Applicants – All prospective tenants are carefully screened to ensure their suitability for your property. Employment is verified, past and present Landlords are interviewed, credit checks and unlawful detainer investigations are conducted.

Rent Surveys – Periodic rent surveys are conducted to ensure your property is generating the highest potential market rent.

Management Contracts – Our trained staff handles all appropriate rental documentation, including applications, rental agreements, and performance notices.

Vacancy Turn-around – Property Managers work closely with licensed and insured vendors to schedule and achieve minimum turn-around time for your vacant units.

Property Expenses – All expenses related to your property, including loan payments, insurance, taxes, maintenance and utility invoices are reviewed and approved by property managers prior to being paid by our accounting department.

Preventative Maintenance – Annual inspections of dwelling units are performed to ensure proper care and maintenance of your property. You are notified of any necessary preventative maintenance. Upon your authorization, corrective work is scheduled to save you from future costly repairs.

Collections and Evictions – When needed, appropriate action is taken to collect rent from delinquent tenants and/or process unlawful detainer action through the courts. If necessary, delinquent accounts are delivered to legal counsel to process unlawful detainer actions.

Personnel Selection – Staff members meet high standards through our screening process. Their selection is based on experience, motivation, and references. All of our management staff have earned professional designations or are enrolled in certification programs.

Sample of Standard Rental Policies:

The aim of our policies and procedures is to maximize your income stream and protect your investment by renting to the most qualified prospects.

  • OCCUPANCY PER UNIT: Foothill Management Group allows two (2) persons per bedroom plus one (1) per unit.
  • INCOME QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must earn at least 2 1/2 times the monthly rent to qualify for occupancy. This may be a combined total for all co-residents.
  • PETS: Foothill Management Group allows pets at the owner’s discretion, with an additional deposit required.
  • DISCRIMINATION: Foothill Management Group firmly opposes any discriminatory practices. We believe in and practice fair housing laws.
  • CREDIT QUALIFICATIONS: Foothill Management Group requires that no more than 30% of income be due to creditors.
  • EMPLOYMENT QUALIFICATIONS: Foothill Management Group requires at least six (6) months on the job prior to residency. This may be verified in a number of ways, including; pay check stubs and oral communication with personnel department of said employment. (Exceptions to this policy are retired, disabled, or self-employed persons. Tax returns for the prior 2 years are required.)
  • EVICTIONS: Foothill Management Group will not accept an applicant who has been evicted.
  • PREVIOUS TENANCIES: Foothill Management Group requires at least six (6) months verifiable residency.
  • VERIFICATION: Foothill Management Group requires that a State issued picture identification be provided prior to viewing an apartment. It is also our policy to obtain a copy of said identification as well as social security card prior to tenancy.

Foothill Management Group policies and procedures are used as a whole to make a complete profile of the prospective resident.

Please feel free to contact our office for any further information you require. Thank you for considering Foothill Management Group Inc. to manage your important real estate investment.