Association Management

Association Management Activities Include:

Management Activities

Account managers will conduct scheduled inspections of the Association common areas. The inspections identify deficiencies or liabilities in the common area and assure that contract vendors are performing to standards set by the Board of Directors.

  •  Foothill Management Group staff assists the Board of Directors in establishing policies, procedures and timelines to enforce the CC&R’s, address issues and protect the interests of the Association.
  •  Foothill Management Group manages systems for tracking and curing homeowner violations of the Association’s governing documents.
  •  Foothill Management Group staff attends Association meetings to provide information and guidance as needed.

Accounting and Fiscal Services

  • The management team provides monthly operating statements, reserve status reports, balance sheets, check registers, bank statements, delinquency reports, lien and legal reports.
  • Homeowners have several payment options to make their monthly assessment payments.
    • Automatic monthly withdrawal
    • Monthly billing statements
    • Personal checks, cashier’s checks or money orders made payable to your association
  • The account manager and Association treasurer (if required) will approve all vendor payables before checks are issued.
  • An annual proposed budget will be prepared at least 120 days prior to fiscal year end for Board review and approval. The proposed budget will serve as a basis for the operating budget and monthly maintenance fees for the next fiscal year.
  • Separate books and trust accounts for Association operations, and Association reserves will be maintained.
  • The management team will cooperate in the audit and tax preparation for the Association. If necessary, Management will interview and recommend certified public accountants for Board approval and supply all available data to the accountant. The Association is responsible for the cost of the audit/review and tax preparation.
  • Reports and forms will be prepared and submitted to governmental agencies, including annual and quarterly federal and state forms for employees, annual 1099’s for vendors, and non-profit tax exemption forms for the Association. The Association is responsible for preparation costs for these reports and forms.


  • A list of delinquent owners’ assessments are submitted each month to the Board with collection recommendations.


  • Demand statements are submitted to escrow companies for the unpaid regular, special and corrective assessments owed by an owner upon the sale of their property.
  • Data provided by escrows or owners pertaining to transfers of ownership and change of records are maintained accordingly for billing purposes.
  • Information on new owners is requested from escrow companies.
  • Escrow companies are provided with Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; By-Laws; and Rules and Regulations for new Owners. A management company transfer fee and document fee are charged to and collected by demand from escrow.


  • The Management team attends annual owners’ meetings, special owners’ meetings, budget meetings and Board meetings as required by the Board and defined in the management agreement.