About Us

The Foothill Management Group Story:

Foothill Management Group is a collection of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in real estate sales, management, accounting and customer services. We have concluded that the most effective way to serve our clients is a “hands-on” approach, based on management by walking around. We‘ve found there is no substitute for understanding the physical property, the residents, and the goals of the Boards and rental Owners.

President/CEO David Leavitt has held his real estate broker’s license since 1977 and has devoted his career to providing quality living environments for his clients and customers. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, David developed, managed and sold numerous apartment complexes. Working with city officials, architects, engineers, contractors, residents, and investors, David learned to listen and negotiate by consensus, leading to the success of the projects.

It was through managing his own properties that David learned the challenges and satisfaction inherent in property management. David became a leader in the rental housing industry, serving as President of the Apartment Association Greater Inland Empire in 1993 and 1997. David also served several years as a member of the statewide California Apartment Association’s Executive Committee, and Legislative Committee.

In 2000, David began transitioning his company into the Community Association Industry. Our first community account was obtained through David’s experience in the residential rental business, earning the company a position as managing agent for Stoneridge Village, a hybrid association of rental property owners. David was instrumental in assisting the City of Ontario in organizing rental owners on a mile-long stretch of West “B” street. This area was infested with drugs, prostitutes and other gang-related activities. Although the process took nearly three years to correct decades of chaos, today Stoneridge Village is a quality rental neighborhood, no longer on the City’s targeted “bad area” list.

The Stoneridge Village experience opened David’s eyes to the community association industry. Foothill Management Group has developed a “boutique-style” of management, delivering personalized attention to a select and limited number of quality associations and rental property owners. Our expertise is managing small to medium sized associations and rental properties, while maintaining an attitude and style based on a hands-on approach to solving problems.

Top Four Reasons to Hire Foothill Management Group, Inc.

1. Communication
When we speak with prospective clients, the number one issue we here about is a “lack of communication” from their current manager. Large management companies overload their staff making it difficult for the manager to keep in contact with Board members, homeowners, and vendors. Our size and the limited number of accounts assigned to our managers gives us the ability to respond to phone calls, emails, and letters rapidly. Our phones are answered by staff during business hours and we use a “real person” answering service to address after-hours emergency calls.

2. Follow-through
Communication is only half of the process. The other half is “action.” Our tracking systems monitor projects to completion. We take pride in our ability to accomplish tasks to the satisfaction of our clients.

3. Technology
We at Foothill Management Group are dedicated to offering our clients up-to-date technology and services. We use Yardi professional management accounting software to maintain association and rental books and records. We work with banking institutions to provide a variety of payment methods, including automatic payments, credit card payments, and secure internet payments. We also work with Boards to create websites that allow Boards to disseminate information to homeowners; allow members to view and download governing documents and announcements; and, with password entry, owners may review their personal account ledgers.

4. Experience
Foothill Management Group is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI) and we believe in continuing education. Our managers either have or are in the process of earning credentials from CAI. We work with qualified vendors and contractors who support our industry and take a professional approach by assisting Boards in solving the challenges within their communities.